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White House Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow: USMCA Is Another Promise Delivered 

FOX NEWS’ BILL HEMMER: “If I’m a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, if I own an automotive supply shop in Toledo, Ohio, how do I benefit from this deal if it passes?”

LARRY KUDLOW: “You’re happy campers.  Both of those, happy campers.  Because first of all, on the dairy front on the milk front, a lot of Canada’s barriers were lowered, significantly in some cases.  By the way, not just dairy, wheat is another important area too.  If you’re a car dealer, you got a better deal out of NAFTA, there’s more – I shouldn’t call it NAFTA, ever again.  USMCA.  I got to get that down.”

HEMMER: “Might take some time to correct that one, keep going.”

KUDLOW: “But you know, USMCA deal really eliminates a lot of unfair trading practices, it stops the flow of autos and machinery and other manufacturing out of the United States, much better for our workforce, much better for our blue-collar folks, who I might add are booming according to the data.  So, these are very good things for the U.S. economy.  The President has basically delivered on another promise.”

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