Vice President Mike Pence Advocates For NAFTA
Track Record Of Support Spans Career As A Vice President, Governor & Congressman

Since Becoming Vice President, Pence Has Advocated For Preserving & Modernizing NAFTA:

Vice President Pence: “Whether It’s In Renegotiating NAFTA, Or Protecting Our Steel And Aluminum Industries, President Trump Is Always Going To Put American Workers, American Companies And American Farmers First.” (Matthew Nussbaum & Eliana Johnson, “Republicans’ Last Hope To Flip Trump On Tariffs: Pence,” Politico, 3/7/18)

Pence On The Campaign Trail: “What Donald Trump And I Are Talking About Is Not Walking Away From A Global Economy, Not Walking Away From Free Trade, But Rolling Our Sleeves Up And Having Tough Negotiations And Holding Our Trading Partners Accountable To Their Word And To Their Commitments.” (Matthew Nussbaum, “Pence Massages Free-Trade Gulf With Trump,” Politico, 8/24/16)

Representing Eastern Indiana In Congress For 12 Years & As Its Governor, Pence Stood Up For NAFTA:

Governor Pence In 2015 To Indiana’s Congressional Delegation: “[Passing Tax Cuts, Lowering The Corporate Income Tax And Reducing Regulatory Burdens] Are Things We Can Do At Home, But Reducing Tariffs And Other Trade Barriers So That Indiana Businesses Can Enjoy Increased Market Access And Fairly Compete On The World Stage Is Something That Congress Must Do.” (Government Of Indiana, “Governor Pence Urges Congressional Delegation To Support Trade Promotion,” Press Release, 4/10/15)

  • Governor Pence In 2014: “Trade Means Jobs, But Trade Also Means Security.” (Governor Mike Pence, Twitter, 9/8/14)

The Washington Post: As A Member Of Congress, Pence “Voted For Every Free-Trade Agreement That Came Before Him.” (Jim Tankersley, “So, Mike Pence Has Been A Huge Supporter Of The Thing Donald Trump Says Is Terrible For America,” The Washington Post, 7/14/16)

Congressman Pence In 2011: “You Know, I’ve Always Believed That Free Trade Means Jobs.  And I Say With Some Pride That Is Especially True In The Hoosier State. Indiana Is Uniquely Poised To Take Advantage Of The Free Trade Opportunities …” (“Pence: Trade Means Jobs,” YouTube, 10/11/11)

  • Congressman Pence: “I Just Believe That The More Markets Around The Globe That We Can Open Up To What We Make And Grow In Indiana, The Better. Indiana Is One Of The Leading Exporting States In The Union … Trade Is Not The Villain.” (Brian Francisco, “Korean Pact May Threaten Area Jobs,” The Journal Gazette, 6/5/11)

Congressman Pence In 2001: “As The Nation’s Sixth Largest Corn Producer, Indiana Benefitted Directly Under The North American Free Trade Agreement When Mexico Converted Its Import Licensing System For Corn To A Transitional Tariff Rate Quota … Under NAFTA, Mexico Eliminated Import Licensing And Is Phasing Out Tariffs For Wheat Altogether… (“Mike Pence On NAFTA,” C-SPAN, 7/13/16)

  • Pence: “So, Mr. Speaker, You Can See That Existing Trade Agreements Have Truly Benefitted Indiana And The Entire United States … Exports Are The Lifeblood Of American Agriculture.” (“Mike Pence On NAFTA,” C-SPAN, 7/13/16)
  • Pence: “We Must Explore New Opportunities For Trade, To Open Up Our New Markets For Our Nation’s Small Businesses. I Know That In My Home State Of Indiana Small Manufacturers And Entrepreneurs Are Increasingly Successful Because They’re Able To Win New Customers In Overseas Markets.” (“Mike Pence On Small Business Week,” C-SPAN, 5/9/01)