Transportation Industry Advocates For NAFTA’s Preservation & Modernization
NAFTA Benefits U.S. Auto Industry, The Country’s Top Exporter & Manufacturing Leader

International Trade Through NAFTA Bolsters U.S. Transportation Industry:

A Potential NAFTA Withdrawal Could Result In The Loss Of At Least 31,000 U.S. Automotive And Car Parts Jobs. (Kristen Dziczek, Bernard Swiecki, Yen Chen, Valerie Brugeman, Michael Schultz & David Andreas, “NAFTA Briefing: Trade Benefits To The Automotive Industry And Potential Consequences Of Withdrawal From The Agreement,” Center For Automotive Research, 1/17)

The Auto Sector Is The U.S.’ Leading Exporter, Shipping $137 Billion Annually In Vehicles And Parts To Mexico, Canada And The World. (“The Great American Comeback,” Driving American Jobs, Accessed 2/26/18)

U.S. Automakers Manufactured 12.2 Million Vehicles In 2016, More Than One Million More Vehicles Manufactured In 1993, The Year Before NAFTA’s Implementation. (“The Great American Comeback,” Driving American Jobs, Accessed 2/26/18)

Transportation Industry Leaders Have Praised NAFTA’s Positive Impacts On Their Industries:

Driving American Jobs, A Coalition Composed Of Major Automakers, Suppliers And Dealers: “We Need You To Tell Your Elected Officials That You Don’t Change The Game In The Middle Of A Comeback.  We’re Winning With NAFTA.” (David Shepardson, “Auto Industry Tells Trump ‘We’re Winning With NAFTA,’” Reuters, 10/24/17)

American Automotive Policy Council President Governor Matt Blunt: “American Automakers Are Driving The Revival Of American Manufacturing.  When You Examine The Data, There’s No Question That NAFTA Has Helped Advance The Global Competitiveness Of The U.S. Auto Industry Sector.” (Brian Chee, “Auto Industry To Washington Pols: Keep NAFTA In Place,” New York Daily News, 10/24/17)

  • Blunt: “We View The Modernization Of NAFTA As An Important Opportunity To Update The 23-Year-Old Agreement And Set The Stage For An Expansion Of U.S. Auto Exports.” (Ginger Gibson, “Vice President Mike Pence Meets With U.S. Automakers On NAFTA,” Reuters, 11/27/17)

Alliance Of Automobile Manufacturers Vice President Of Federal Affairs Jennifer Thomas: “Pulling Out Of Nafta Would Lead To A Decrease In Vehicle Production, A Decline In Jobs And An Increase In What Our Customers Spend When Buying A New Vehicle.  This Would Also Have An Impact On Our Abilities To Export Vehicles To Foreign Markets.” (Ryan Beene, “Auto Industry Campaign Aims To Steer Trump Away From Quitting Nafta,” Bloomberg, 10/24/17)

Association Of Global Manufacturers CEO: “This Industry Is Winning With NAFTA.  The Auto Industry Is Leading A Manufacturing Resurgence In This Country And We Ought To Recognize What The Cause Of That Is.  We Are Making More 1 Million More Vehicles In The U.S. Now Than We Were Before NAFTA.” (Keith Laing, “Automakers Defending NAFTA, Widening Rift With Trump,” The Detroit News, 10/24/17)

Magna CEO Don Walker: “It Seems That People Are More Hopeful That Everybody Understands How Important It Is To Get [NAFTA] Right.  If We Do Something To Make Ourselves Less Competitive, It’s Going To Be A Lose-Lose-Lose.” (Kristine Owram, “Magna CEO Feeling ‘More Positive’ On NAFTA Negotiations,” Bloomberg, 2/15/18)

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz: “We Export 136,000 Vehicles (Annually) To Almost 40 Countries Around The World.  We Can Only Do That And Be Competitive With NAFTA.” (Sonari Glinton, “Automakers Say Trump’s Anti-NAFTA Push Could Upend Their Industry,” NPR, 2/26/18)

Industrial Truck Association President Brian Feehan: “The U.S. Economy Is Growing, Tax Reform Is Providing Confidence For Business Investments And Unemployment Is Low.  NAFTA Remains An Important Component To Maintaining This Momentum.” (“Industrial Truck Association Supports NAFTA,” Global Trade Magazine, 2/26/18)

American Trucking Association Chief Economist Bob Costello: “Pulling Out Of NAFTA Would Be One Way To Derail [Current Industry Growth].” (Eleanor Lamb, “ATA’s Bob Costello Says Driver Shortage Will Press Fleets,” Transport Topics, 2/22/18)