U.S. Senator Portman Calls For Preserving & Modernizing North American Free Trade Agreement

U.S. Senator & Former Trade Representative Rob Portman: “I Would Hope The United States Would Not Do Things That Would Make It More Difficult For Countries To Rely On Us And Withdrawing From NAFTA Obviously Would Be An Example Where Canada And Mexico Would Have To Look For Other Sources, Other Places To Get Imports That They Need.” (CNBC, 4/26/18)  

  • PORTMAN: “That Makes It Difficult Because You Lose Market Shares, It’s Tough To Claw Back That Market Share. It’s A Balancing Act Here.  We Want Trade That Has A Level Playing Field For American Workers No Question About It.  We Have To Fight For That.” (CNBC, 4/26/18)
  • PORTMAN: “We Also Have To Be Sure Other Countries Don’t Look Elsewhere. America Already Exports Under Its Weight.  We Need To Export More, That’s Good For The Economy And Great For Wages, Higher Wages, And Better Benefits.” (CNBC, 4/26/18)