U.S. Representative Jenkins Expresses Concerns Of Impact Of Retaliatory Tariffs On Rural Kansans

U.S. Representative Lynn Jenkins: “I Have Voiced My Concerns Many Times About These Recent Tariffs And The Harm That They Could Cause Kansas Producers, Manufacturers And Consumers Alike.” “I have voiced my concerns many times about these recent tariffs and the harm that they could cause Kansas producers, manufacturers and consumers alike … [In] addition to family farmer ranch operations facing down retaliation or trade restrictions an extreme exceptional drought is also creeping across most of Kansas diminishing the odds of bumper crops and resulting in extraordinary measures to protect our livestock … So, with that being said, Mr. Heisdorffer, how do you foresee the long-term ag economy shaping up if periods of drought continue to hamper production and prices for what farmers are able to produce are greatly diminished from these tariffs and other threats of trade retaliation?” (Committee On Ways & Means, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 4/12/18)

  • American Soybean Association President John Heisdorffer In Response: “We’re Going To Start To Lose Farmers. There’s No Doubt About It.” “You know, if this drought continues, and it’s in my area too, I’m in southern Iowa, Northern Iowa is not quite that way but southern Iowa is, we drained the bucket last year, there’s nothing left down underneath.  And if that continues, yes, we’re going to start to lose farmers. There’s no doubt about it … We put everything forward to our families as farmers and we try to continue that generation after generation.  I’m fourth-generation, my son’s a fifth.  And we will keep that going, but I’m so afraid of these young farmers nowadays, and not just that they may fail, but most of them are like me, who are in partnership with my son, and though I’ve had a lot of years of farming, they could take me along with it.” (Committee On Ways & Means, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 4/12/18)