U.S. Representative Holding Discusses How Free Trade Has Benefited Farmers

U.S. Representative George Holding: “If Farmers From My District Were Here Today With Us, I Think They Would Echo The Points That Have Been Raised [That Tariffs Hurt Farmers].” “Like other members here, I completely agree that the issue of unfair trade practices by China must be addressed.  North Carolina has a very diverse economy.  I’ve heard from folks at home regarding how trade actions impact agriculture and manufacturing sectors and if farmers from my district were here today with us, I think they’d echo the points that have been raised by Mr. Heisdorffer.  So, Mr. Heisdorffer, you mentioned in your remarks that there is room to expand our exports to China and you mentioned that we should focus on expanding our trade rather than restricting it and I would agree with you.  So, my question to you is can you elaborate on what specifically we can do in order to expand our exports to China and what barriers do you see right now that prevent us from expanding our exports to China?” (Committee On Ways & Means, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 4/12/18)

  • American Soybean Association President John Heisdorffer In Response: “We’re Going To Have To Continue To Expand Just To Maintain What We Have.” “Yes sir. Well, the United State Soybean Export Council works constantly through all countries and besides China.  China was one of the first places they were in.  It’s been 20 years ago ASA started or so in China to develop that trade and now the Soybean Export Council does that in other countries – smaller countries.  We’re going to have to continue to expand just to maintain what we have, because we have, like I said, we have South America who is more than anxious to take any of our trade that they can.  And, Mexico is our number two customer and so of soy beans and our number one customer of soybean meal.  I can’t specifically tell you how we can just go in and [but] you know we have more soybeans to sell.  Let us try and sell them to China.  We keep working with them.  We’ve expanded that market over a number of years.  It keeps growing.  If we can continue to do that it will put us in good shape.” (Committee On Ways & Means, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 4/12/18)