Congress Expresses Concern Over Tariffs’ Effects On Americans & Farmers

U.S. Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan: “New Tariffs Are Not The Solution.  There Are Better Ways.  There Are Better Ways.  There Are Other Tools We Can Use.” (Doug Palmer, “Ryan Urges Trump To Pursue Trade Deals, Not Tariffs,” Politico, 7/12/18)

U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts: “[Tariffs Are] Like Getting A Rock In Your Windshield And Then All Of A Sudden The Glass Starts To, You’ve Got That Crack In The Windshield.  And Right Now In Farm Country, We’re About To Lose The Windshield.” (Mike Allen, “Axios AM,” Axios, 7/13/18)

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Member Ann Wagner: “I Am Deeply Concerned About The Effect China’s Retaliatory Tariffs Will Have On Farmers And Ranchers And Pork Producers And Dairy Producers And Consumers All Over My Home State Of Missouri.” “Missouri is a trading state.  Exports support 88,000 Missouri jobs and one out of every three rows of crops is grown to export.  China’s 25 percent tariff on American soybeans will hit Missouri hard.  Our local newspapers and press are already reporting that soybean farmers expect to sell their crops at a loss.  It is abundantly clear that these tariffs will hurt good, hardworking men and women and their families.  And I worry that the escalating trade war will create winners and losers in communities across Missouri.” (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. House Of Representatives, Hearing, 7/11/18)