Senator Joni Ernst Argues Tariff Retaliation Would Have “Detrimental Impact” & “Nobody Wins In A Trade War”

In Response To Whether Tariff Retaliation Would Affect Iowa, Senator Ernst Stated: “Well, Nobody Wins In A Trade War … [If Retaliation Starts] We Will See Significant Impact, Very Detrimental Impact, Not Just In Iowa, But Across The Midwest As Well.” ERNST: “Well, nobody wins in a trade war … and especially with the Chinese officials, their media reporting that they will retaliate against American agricultural products, namely pork and soybeans.  China has purchased $14 billion worth in 2016 of American soybeans.  And roughly 60 percent of our soybean crop does go to China.  So, if they start retaliating, we will see significant impact, very detrimental impact, not just in Iowa, but across the Midwest as well.” (Transcript: Face The Nation, CBS News, 3/25/18)

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