“Ripple Effect” Of Retaliatory Tariffs Worries Farmers
Farmers Concerned “Devastating” Policy Will Put Businesses In “Jeopardy”

(Photo Credit: Columbia Missourian, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC & Columbia Missourian)
Wisconsin Ginseng Farmer Paul Hsu: “Nobody Wins Trade Wars.” (Chuin-Wei Yap, “Chinese Tariffs Take Root In American Ginseng,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/25/18)

Ohio Soybean Farmer Scott Metzger: “A 25 Percent Tariff On U.S. Soybean Exports To China Not Only Will Have a Devastating Effect On Every Ohio Soybean Farmer, But It Will Also Hurt Every Ohioan Who Relies Upon A Healthy Rural Economy.” (Justin Dennis, “Chinese Soybean Tariff Would Hurt County Farmers,” Star Beacon, 4/22/18)

Ohio Soybean Farmer Bob Gale: “It’s Hard To Say How It’s Going To Work Out.” (Justin Dennis, “Chinese Soybean Tariff Would Hurt County Farmers,” Star Beacon, 4/22/18)

Iowa Farmer Corey Goodhue: “Right Now, There’s A Lot Of Concerns As A Farmer.  I Don’t Know Enough About Global Trade To Really Say That Will Happen In The Future, But A Concern That We Have Is You’re Going To See A Lot Of Soybean Acres Moved To South America.” (Jerad Giottonini, “Central Iowa Farmer Fears Soybean Tariff,” WHOTV, 4/23/18)

Michigan Soybean Association President Dave Williams: “At A Time Of Uncertainty For Agriculture Producers, Pursuing Free Trade Policies Will Add Needed Stability.  The United States Must Look At Policies That Ensure American Products And Crops Remain Competitive.” (Dave Williams, “Column: Soybean Tariff Threatens Farmers,” The Detroit News, 4/21/18)

Missouri Cattle Farmer John Estes: “As A Farmer, If I Take My Calves To Town And The Demand Isn’t There, Then I Don’t Get As Big Of A Paycheck.  On The Other End Of That, If I Need To Buy A Piece Of Equipment – If I Need To Buy Fencing, Or I Need To Buy A Pickup, Or I Need To Buy A Tractor – The Prices Still Went Up.  I’m Going To Pay More For It, And I’m Going To Take Less For My Calves.  So It’s A Pinch.” (Noah Higgins-Dunn, “Tariffs Could Hinder A Growing Market For China,” Columbia Missourian, 4/20/18)

Nebraska Corn And Soybean Farmer Alice Reed: “Corn Prices Have Dropped In The Past Few Years, And This Soybean Tariff Will Make Our Bottom Line Drop Even Further.  It Puts Our Family Farm In Peril – We Will Be In Big Trouble Paying For Our Property Taxes, Paying For The Seed And Fertilizers.  Our Business Will Be In Jeopardy.” (Kate Rogers, “Here’s Why Export Tariffs Have Some Small Business Owners On Edge,” CNBC, 4/21/18)

Kansas Sorghum Farmer Kurt Winter: “When We Heard The News, It Was Still Just Devastating To Us.  It’s Really Going To Put The Hammer To Our Price Prospects.” (Joshua Green, “Trump’s Tariffs Could Weaken The GOP’s Grip On Congress,” Bloomberg, 4/27/18)