Retaliatory Tariffs Negatively Impacting Farmers Across America
Industries From Dairy & Pork To Soybean Face Uncertain Future

(Source: Fox News, TMJ 4, The New York Times)

60 Dairy Associations: “Mexico Has Long Been A Model For Open Dairy Trade With The United States.  Through Investment And Cooperation With Mexico, We Have Succeeded In Becoming The Country’s Biggest Foreign Dairy Supplier, With Cheese Purchases Last Year Alone Totaling Nearly $400 Million.” (Jim Dickrell, “Dairy Industry To Trump: Suspend Tariffs On Mexican Products,” Dairy Herd Management, 6/26/18)

Indiana Farm Bureau President Randy Kron: “Our Members Are Getting Really Concerned.  If You Look At The Past 10 Days, Two Weeks, The Grain Markets Have Taken A Pretty Big Hit.” (David Williams, “Indiana Farmers Express Concerns About Tariff Attacks,” WISH TV, 6/26/18)

Soybean & Corn Farmer & Iowa Farm Bureau Research Director David Miller: “Do I Think Tariffs Are A Good Thing?  The Answer Is No.  I Think They Are Horribly Trade-Distorting.  I Think They Are A Blunt Instrument.  But The Reality Is, They’re The Instrument This Administration Has Chosen To Use To Facilitate Negotiations.” (Alexander Nieves, “Trump’s Tariffs Threaten Billions In Losses For U.S. Pork,” Politico Pro, 6/27/18)

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Pete Hardin: “We Are Looking At.  A Short-Term Washout Of 20 Percent Of Wisconsin Dairy Farm Milk Income On A Monthly Basis.  That’s How Dangerous This Mess Is.  However You Want To Extrapolate The Wider Economic Impact Of A $75 Million A Month Drop In Wisconsin Dairy Farm Revenue, It’s Painful.” (Rick Barrett, “Already In Trouble, Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Are Now Getting Hammered By Tariffs,” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 6/27/18)

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black: “We’ve Used A Different Method To Try And Bring People To The Negotiating Table, And I Think Most Growers In The State Realize That.  Does That Mean They’re Not Concerned About This Fall’s Harvest And Where Part Of Our Crop Might Go, And What’s The Price Going To Be?  Absolutely, And I’m Concerned Too.” (Alex Soderstrom, “Georgia Farmers Face Uncertainty As Crop Tariffs Loom,” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6/25/18)

Mississippi Farmer Danny Murphy: “If [The Current Price] Was Applied To My Crop And It Remains In Effect Through Harvest [It] Would Amount To Probably $150,000 For Me.  I’m Approaching Retirement Age And You Take A $150,000 Out Of A Retirement Plan That You Don’t Have Available … Yeah It Is A Significant Hit.” (Willie James Inman, “Trump Trade War With China Puts 300,000 Soybean Farmers, $14 Billion Export Industry In Limbo,”  Fox News, 6/26/18)

Iowa Farmer & American Soybean Association President John Hesidorffer: “Soybean Prices Are Declining As A Direct Result Of This Trade Feud.  Prices Are Down Almost A Dollar And A Half Per Bushel Since The End Of May, And They Continue To Plummet.  That Represents A Loss Of More Than $6 Billion On The 2018 Soybean Crop In Less Than A Month.” (Rod Swoboda, ““Escalating Trade War Threatens Fragile Ag Economy,” Wallaces Farmer, 6/26/18)

Dairy Farmer Josh Goeser: “We’re A Little Nervous Because Of How It’s Going To Impact Us.  Milk Price And Feed Price And Overall Quality Of Everything We Produce.” (Ben Jordan, ““Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Brace For Cheese Tariff Impact,” TMJ 4, 6/25/18)

Pork Producer & National Pork Producers Council President Jim Heimerl: “We’re Bleeding Pretty Bad[ly] Right Now.” (Paul Wiseman & Michelle R. Smith, “Ohio Manufactures Feeling Tariff War Impact Already,” Associated Press, 6/23/18)

Sartori Cheese Factory President Jeff Schwager: “If Export Markets Get Shut Off, I Could See Us Getting To The Point Where We’re Dumping Our Milk In The Fields.  It’ll Be A Big Ripple Effect Through The State.” (Ana Swanson, ““Trump’s Trade War Could Shut Cheesemakers Out of Foreign Markets,” The New York Times, 6/24/18)

National Pork Producers Council Economist Dustin Baker: “Even A Couple Of Bucks A Pig Can Make A Difference Between Being Profitable Or Not.  So An $18 Drop Per Pig Is Significant.” (Ted Mellnik & Kevin Uhrmacher, “A Trade War With China Could Hit These Communities Hardest,” The Washington Post, 6/24/18)

Minnesota Pig & Soybean Farmer Randy Spronk: “We Just Want What We Had – Zero Tariffs And Market Access.  We Are Very Competitive And Good At What We Do, And We Have A Surplus Balance Of Trade … Just Give Us A Level Playing Field, And We’ll Help With The Deficit.” (Ted Mellnik & Kevin Uhrmacher, ““A Trade War With China Could Hit These Communities Hardest,” The Washington Post, 6/24/18)