Kentucky Farmers Discuss Local Impact Of Tariffs
Farmers Iterate Livelihoods Are “On The Front Lines” Of Trade Dispute

Kentucky Dairy Farmer Jamie Butler: “We Produce More Than We Consume In This Country.  So, If We Can’t Export A Percentage Of The Product, We Have A Pricing Problem.  It’s Simple Economics … If We Can’t Export All Agriculture Commodities, We Have A Supply Problem.  And That Leads To A Pricing Problem.” (MSNBC, 6/11/18)

Kentucky Farmer Larry Butler: “Number One, You Have Agriculture For Whiskey.  You’ve Got To Have Corn Or Rye Or Some Type Of Seed That Will Ferment And Cause The Alcohol And Make Whiskey.” (MSNBC, 6/11/18)

Bourbon Distiller Steve Beam: “You Know, A 25 Percent Tariff, You Become Less Competitive.  And It Impacts Not Just Our Business And Our Employees, But Then, You Know, Farmers And The Transportation Industry … [Tariffs] Slow Everything Down.  You Know, We’re In A Growth Mode Right Now, And That Has The Potential To Really Slow Things Down Which Would Be A Bad Thing Right Now.” (MSNBC, 6/11/18)

Kentucky Farmer Hoppy Henton: “If [Bourbon Distillers] Decide, For Whatever Reason, That They Need To Cut Back Production, Then The Way They’re Going To Cut Back Production Is Aiming A Gun At Me.  I’m The First One Who Gets Shot.  They’re Going To Reduce The Consumption Of Corn, They’re Going To Reduce The Amount Of Grain That They Make Into Whiskey, And So Yeah We’re On The Front Lines, The Way I See It.” (MSNBC, 6/11/18)