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NAFTA Important To Farmers

Debra Potter
March 15, 2018
The Daily Nonpareil

Recently, I was able to attend Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Council Bluffs, where he discussed the benefits that tax reform has brought to everyday Americans.

At the event, I was lucky enough to speak with Vice President Pence regarding the importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to Iowa farmers and consumers.

I believe that in order to sustain the relief Iowa’s farmers and consumers feel from the tax bill, the Trump administration will have to close a deal on the North American Free Trade Agreement that preserves the benefits the agreement has produced for America’s food and agriculture sector while improving NAFTA for the 21st Century.

In 2016, Iowa exported $5 billion in food and agriculture products. Over half of these exports, or $2.5 billion, traveled to our NAFTA partners. Iowa’s food and agriculture export economy helps support over 754,000 food- and agriculture- related jobs and $40 billion in wages.

Iowa’s agricultural leaders agree on the importance the trading agreement holds for farmers and consumers. Iowa Corn Growers Association President Mark Recker recently remarked that “NAFTA has been a landmark trade success story for U.S. agriculture for more than 20 years, especially for U.S. grains.”

Preserving and modernizing NAFTA would greatly enhance the impact President Trump’s tax cuts have on the hard-earned income Iowa families take home. I am hopeful the White House will continue these negotiations with the needs of Iowa farmers and families in mind.

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