Forty-Six House Republican Warn President Trump Of Tariff Retaliation Against U.S. Agriculture
Forty-Six House Members In Letter To President Trump: “We Appreciate Your Support For Farmers And Ranchers In The Face Of Chinese Retaliation, And We Encourage The Administration To Work Diligently In Its Negotiations With China To Address China’s Trade Practices In A Manner That Will Avoid Retaliation, Helping To Return Our Agriculture Industry To A State Of Certainty And Back On The Road To Prosperity.” (Letter To President Donald Trump, 4/13/18)

  • “We Strongly Support Your Efforts To Open China To U.S. Agriculture And To Take Strong Steps To End China’s Unfair Trade Practices And Other Cheating. All Our Hard-Won Gains In Farm Country, However, Are At Serious Risk Of Being Wiped Away Because China Is Threatening Retaliation Against American Farmers.” (Letter To President Donald Trump, 4/13/18)
  • “Our Farmers And Ranchers Are Resilient, But They Are Already Struggling With Low Commodity Prices And Drought. With Net Farm Income Down By Half Over The Last Four Years, And No Relief On The Horizon, They Are Particularly Vulnerable.” (Letter To President Donald Trump, 4/13/18)