Former President George W. Bush Reiterates Importance Of NAFTA Partner Countries

FOX BUSINESS’ MARIA BARTIROMO: “In terms of Mexico and Canada you mentioned, Mr. President, do you worry about the conflicts that are going on right now given the debate over trade and open trade and NAFTA?”

FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: “I hope that people as they debate whether or not the trading regime has worked with Canada and Mexico look at the facts, and we want our neighbors to be healthy and strong.  So, our view is how can we best expedite positive trade which benefits everybody, but also to make the point that the three of those countries are going to need to work together to be able to compete with China in the long term.  So, you know, these days, I’m getting too old to worry about much, but my only point is that we promote a positive agenda here and make the case why, in this case trade with Canada and Mexico, collaboration with Canada and Mexico, working closely with Canada and Mexico, not only benefits U.S. citizens, but benefits the citizens of all three countries.” (FOX Business, 4/18/18)

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