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Americans For Farmers & Families’ Twitter Chat Discusses Benefits Of Free Trade & NAFTA

Tariffs Threaten Agriculture, While NAFTA Has Resulted In Millions Of Jobs & Billions In Economic Value:

Question: “It’s clear the U.S. is now engaged in an escalating trade war.  What actions to date have led us to this point?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “We support @POTUS decision to level the playing field and punish unfair trade practices.  But putting America’s farmers and families in the crossfire is not the answer.” (Twitter, 8/15/18)

Question: “What impact does the agriculture and auto community have on the U.S. economy, and how are trade tensions already affecting farmers and auto workers?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “America’s economy is dependent on a thriving ag export #economy.  From retail to transportation, manufacturing to business owners, over 43M U.S #jobs are touched by the ag industry and trade.  A win for hard-working families is through more trade, not more tariffs.  America’s most reliable markets are already looking elsewhere for their food products.  Mexico purchased nearly $100M worth of Brazilian corn in 2017 – up 970% from 2016.” (Twitter, 8/15/18; Twitter, 8/15/18)

Question: “Will the $12 billion emergency aid package for farmers offset the cost of tariffs?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “Government bailouts may not compensate for the loss of buyers that farmers and rural economies are currently experiencing.  More than 1/3 of U.S. soybeans, the second-biggest crop in the nation, goes to China – about $12.4B worth.  The cure for a thriving ag economy will depend on America’s ability to export $43B in ag goods to our most important markets.  Farmers and rural communities need trade, not a government bailout.” (Twitter, 8/15/18; Twitter, 8/15/18)

Question: “What role do tariffs play in the ongoing NAFTA negotiations?  And what do we stand to lose if we withdraw from NAFTA?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “NAFTA helps support 43M food & ag jobs and adds $127B annually to the U.S. economy … Since #NAFTA’s implementation, trade with Canada & Mexico has grown by 450%.  This has resulted in strong job growth, higher wages and low prices, while reducing tariffs and boosting American trade.” (Twitter, 8/15/18; Twitter, 8/15/18)

Question: “How has NAFTA benefited rural, middle-class Americans and why is a modernized deal so critical?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “Instead of closing access to our most important markets, we need to strengthen trade relations with current markets, especially with trade deals like #NAFTA.  That’s a win America’s farmers and families need now.” (Twitter, 8/15/18)

Question: “If tariffs are the wrong approach to address unfair trade practices then what can/should we be doing to level the playing field for American businesses?”

Americans For Farmers & Families: “There are many things – but for farmers, ensuring agriculture market access is part of any sound trade agreement.  For instance, #NAFTA helps support 43M food & ag jobs, adds $127B annually to the US economy, and has increased trade with Canada & Mexico by 450%.” (Twitter, 8/15/18)