Americans For Farmers & Families Explains Negative Effect Of Retaliatory Tariffs On Farmers

Americans For Farmers & Families’ Spokesperson Casey Guernsey: “You Know, I May Very Well Be The Last Generation Of My Family To Farm.” (Gray TV, 6/29/18)

  • Guernsey: “There Is A Point When You Have To Draw The Line And You Just Have To Get Out Of The Business.” KY3’S STEVE GRANT: “Now, a Missouri farmer leaving his fields for Capitol Hill to make a case to lawmakers that international trade wars are hurting his family business. President Trump has added tariffs to some goods from other countries to combat the tariffs those countries levy against the U.S. goods, and in the short term those countries have fought back with more tariffs.  KY3 Washington reporter Alanna Austin has more today.”  CASEY GUERNSEY: “There is a point when you have to draw the line and you just have to get out of the business.”  KY3’S ALANNA AUSTIN: “From droughts to rising equipment costs and declining prices, Casey Guernsey says farmers have weathered many storms.  While he believes President Donald Trump wants to help farmers, he says recent tariffs could be the last straw.”  GUERNSEY: “You know, I may very well be the last generation of my family to farm.” (Gray TV, 6/29/18)
  • Guernsey: “We’re Now Absolutely Seeing The Offset Of Those Positive Benefits [Tax Reform Provided] Through The Conversation With Tariffs. That’s Only Going To Increase The Costs For Everyone Involved And It’s Going To Negate The Positive Benefits That We Would Reap From This Tax Policy Change.” (Fox News, 6/29/18)
  • Guernsey: “You Have To Be Careful With Where You Put Your Investments Whenever Your Revenues Are Only Decreasing, And That Has Direct Effect On The Community Because It’s The Supporting Businesses To Farming And Agriculture That Feel The Immediate Effect Of Us Not Hiring Them To Complete A Number Of Projects, Or To Buy Another Piece Of Equipment, And That Has More Effects On Jobs Than I Think Probably Most People Realize.” (Fox Business, 6/29/18)

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