Americans For Farmers & Families’ Casey Guernsey: Farmers Need A Win Right Now

Americans For Farmers & Families’ Spokesperson Casey Guernsey: “Sure, If We Can Improve NAFTA, That’s A Win For Us.  And We Are Very, Very Acutely Aware That Between Canada And Mexico, Those Are Our Second And Third Largest Trading Partners.”

  • GUERNSEY: “At the same time, you know, it is, past 12 years, we’ve only seen a loss in income on our farms. And that’s a pretty scary place to be, particularly when a lot of us are dealing with drought on top of the economics of today, you know today.  And so, anytime we start talking about tariffs, that is really concerning.  And we would prefer that the president and his administration focus on really bringing together the best possible trade agreement through NAFTA.  We have seen how good a trade deal that has been over its course, and we would prefer that we stick to that conversation, rather than tariffs.” (Fox Business, 6/11/18)

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