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Americans For Farmers & Families’ Casey Guernsey Explains Why Farmers Need Trade, Not Aid

AFF Spokesperson Casey Guernsey Discusses The “Perfect Storm” America’s Farm Belt Is Currently Facing Due, In Part, To Tariffs:

FOX BUSINESS’ STUART VARNEY: “Up until this trade deal yesterday, were you hurt by the trade turmoil?”

CASEY GUERNSEY: “Well yeah, we’ve been faced with uncertainty for months.  My family is in the beef business.  We’ve watched our customers, we raise bulls, customers sell off their herds as a result of number of factors: the uncertainty relative to the markets, the bad markets, the drought that we’re in in the Midwest has been a terrible factor for us.  It caused a lot of farmers to fast forward the decision making that they’ve had to wait, that they would rather prefer to wait on.  So, all of those combining factors has kind of created a perfect storm for agriculture in a lot of ways and that adds to the gravity of the situation as to why we need these good trade deals.”

VARNEY: “I’m just interested in a man who is a seventh-generation farmer on the same land.  What do you do, you go back all the way 150 years?”

GUERNSEY: “Well, my family has been in the business in Harrison County since about the 1840s.  We’ve been farming forever as long as my family has been in Missouri, we’ve been farming in Harrison county.  It’s what we know.  We used to be in dairy.  We were forced out of the business because of the exact same sort of perfect storm as it relates to markets and regulation out of D.C. and the weather, and we’re no longer able to be in that business.  And we’re very concerned that if things don’t get negotiated with trade, we’ll be forced out of the beef business too.” (Fox Business Network, 7/26/18)

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Guernsey Reiterates How Important Open Markets Are To The Success Of American Agriculture:

GUERNSEY: “We’ve been able to prosper in farming and agriculture because of trade.  We know free trade works for us.  A staggering statistic, but it’s a true one: 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States.  Those are our customers.  We know if we can have access to those people we don’t need anything coming out of Washington.  We can take care of ourselves and prosper, and there’s going to be an eighth generation of Guernsey in the farming business.”

GUERNSEY: “Well, anytime that we can have more access to markets, to have an ability to keep those markets open the way that they have been for 25 years that is a win not just for farmers, but for all the jobs that support agriculture.  There’s 43 million jobs in America that are tied to agriculture and they’re not on the farm.  So anytime we can have expanded access to markets, whatever that looks like, that is, that allows us to grow.” (KTSA, 7/25/18)

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