Americans For Farmers & Families’ Casey Guernsey Addresses Why Agriculture Sector Needs NAFTA

CNBC’s MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: “What does this all mean for the real economy?  Joining us now live from his Missouri cattle farm is Casey Guernsey.  Good to have you on sir.”

CASEY GUERNSEY: “Thanks for having me.  It’s a little chilly, I apologize.”

CARUSO-CABRERA: “You’re a cattle farmer.  Tell us, China is threatening tariffs on U.S. beef.  They only just started buying it back in June again after a 13-year absence.  How important is the Chinese market to the beef industry in the United States?”

GUERNSEY: “Well, yeah I mean right now any market is a very important market.  We’ve not had our beef available to the Chinese for a while and I think we’ve sold about 31 million dollars’ worth of beef since it’s been open and it increases every month.  And considering all the negotiations and talks that’s taking place surrounding NAFTA, we can’t afford to lose any trade partners and that’s only ever going to be increasingly important because we have such a high number of cattle right now in the United States to be put on the market.”

CARUSO-CABRERA: “You are a former Republican member of the [Missouri] House of Representatives.”

GUERNSEY: “That’s correct, yes.”

CARUSO-CABRERA: “Republicans used to be really pro-free trade and now the message has gotten a little more muddled.  What do you think, I mean if you were back in power in [Missouri], what would you be thinking right now and how would you vote if there was something to vote on?”

GUERNSEY: “A vote on NAFTA, is that what you mean?”

CARUSO-CABRERA: “On anything related to tariffs that would increase pressure on China.”

GUERNSEY: “So, I am part of an organization called Americans for Farmers [and Families] and we’re very much in favor of renegotiating NAFTA.  And that’s where we want the focus to be.  We’re not in favor more of these retaliatory sort of tariffs that’s being considered and talked about.  We support President Trump and his efforts to increase income to all Americans, we’ve seen it here on the farm with tax cuts, with reforming a lot of the regulations.  We’re not in favor of continuing down this path of increasing any tariffs on products because we’re going to feel it in real time on the farm very quickly.  Where we think that there is progress to be made and where the focuses need to continue is these talks on tariffs – our trading partners with Canada and Mexico is worth billions of dollars a year.”

CARUSO-CABRERA: “Got it, Mr. Guernsey, thanks so much for joining.  Happen to have the same last name as a very famous type of cow.  Good to have you on.”

GUERNSEY: “Thank you.” (CNBC, 4/6/18)

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