Cargill CEO David MacLannan Praises NAFTA & Calls For Its Modernization

Cargill CEO David MacLannan: “[NAFTA] Has Been Good For The Agricultural Community”:

MODERATOR & TIME INC. CCO ALAN MURRAY: “You’ve built business operating under one set of rules, do you feel like the rules are fundamentally changing?”

CARGILL CEO DAVID MACLANNAN: “I don’t know, Alan, if the rules are fundamentally changing.  But Cargill and being in the food-agriculture and nutrition business, we depend on trade.  And so, if I am asked by my board or employees, what’s the number one thing that concerns me?  I’ll say it structurally or of an exogenous nature, it’s where is trade going.  So, as I listen to the [U.S. Commerce] Secretary [Wilbur Ross], I agree we want it to be more fair.  But I think at its core organizations like the [World Trade Organization] WTO and agreements like [the North American Free Trade Agreement] NAFTA have worked.  And if you look at the statistics of economic growth and the growth of agricultural trade between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, it has been good for the agricultural community.  But anything that is, anything that is 25 years old needs a facelift or needs to be improved.  And so, there are different ways to do it, which is let’s come to the table and talk about how it can be improved.  Or the extreme being let’s rip it up and start all over again, that concerns me … Well publicly, there were things said during the campaign that we’re going to rip up NAFTA.  I don’t believe, I don’t think, I hope that’s not where it’s going.  I think that would be very bad for our economy.” (Fortune, 1/24/18)