Farmers Sound Off On Consequences Of Retaliatory Tariffs
Warn Of The Potential Harm To Their Livelihoods

Seventh-Generation Missouri Farmer Casey Guernsey: “Despite The President’s Best Intentions, These [Tariffs] Have Put A Bullseye On The Backs Of Rural Families Across The Country, Which Stand To Lose Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs As America’s Trading Partners Fight Back.” (Casey Guernsey, “Trade War Risk is The Latest Threat To Some Of Trump’s Biggest Supporters: Farmers,” CNBC, 3/28/18)

Indiana Soybean & Corn Farmer Brent Bible: “The Governments Have The Ability To Be Irrational In Rhetoric And In Deed Longer Than A Single Farmer Has The Ability To Remain Solvent.  Does It Take A Year?  Does It Take Two Years To Finally Come To Some Equilibrium?  That’s A Long Time For The Typical Farmer To Have To Sit And Wait For Prices To Become Profitable.” (Adam Behsudi, “China’s Tariffs Test The Patience Of Farm Country,” Politico, 4/4/18)

Iowa Farmer Kevin Ross: “The Economics Of Farming Are Challenging Right Now.  And In General … These Tariffs Certainly Won’t Be Helpful.” (Cheyenne Haslett & Molly Nagle, “From The Frontlines In Iowa, Family Farmers Keep Watchful Eye On Tariff Skirmish Between U.S., China,” ABC News, 4/8/18)

Iowa Corn, Soybean & Cattle Farmer Dave Walton: “I’m Not Thrilled About Us Being Used As A Pawn.  It Never Turns Out Well For Countries That Use Food As A Negotiating Tactic.” (Donnelle Eller, “Trump’s Tariffs Sow Worries Among Iowa Farmers, Manufacturers,” Des Moines Register, 4/6/18)

Iowa Corn, Soybean, Hog & Cattle Farmer Wayne Humphreys: “We’ve Invested A Lot Of Time, Talent And Treasure In Developing Markets Around The World, And With The Stroke Of A Pen, That Investment Has Been Jeopardized.” (David Pitt & Steve Karnowski, “Trump Draws Ire Of Farmers Targeted In Chinese Trade Dispute,” Associated Press, 3/23/18)

Eagle Grove, Iowa Pork & Poultry Farmer Ron Prestage: “I Support That The Trump Administration Is Trying To Fix The Problem.  Selfishly, I Wish It Wasn’t My Sector Of The Economy That Was The One That Got Caught In The Crosshairs.” (Jesse Newman, Jacob Bunge & Benjamin Parkin, “For U.S. Farmers, China Tariffs’ Timing Is Brutal,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/2/18)

Indiana Pig, Soybean, Corn & Wheat Farmer David Rodibaugh: “More Than One-Third Of U.S. Soybeans Go To China.  Right Now The World Inventory Of Soybeans Is High.  We’re In A Vulnerable Time As Far As Pricing.” (Karen Caffarini, “Indiana Soybean Farmers Wary Of Potential U.S. Trade War With China: ‘We’re In A Vulnerable Time,’” [Northwest Indiana] Post-Tribune, 4/8/18) 

Indiana Corn, Soybean & Cattle Farmer Terry Hayhurst: “Some Of The Stuff The Trump Administration Is Doing (Concerning Tariffs) Is Almost Necessary.  Unfortunately, In Trade Wars Such As This, Agriculture Gets Hit A Little Harder And That’s The Reason Ag Gets Up In Arms Pretty Fast.” (Dave Taylor, “Ag Tariffs Have Hoosier Farmers More Stressed Than Usual,” Tribune-Star, 4/4/18)

Indiana Soybean Farmer Philip Ramsey: “I Think That May Be One Of The President’s Strongest Suits, Being Able To Make Deals.  It’s Real Hard When You Are One Of The Chips.” (Kevin Rader, “Indiana Soybean Farmer Concerned How Tariffs Might Impact His Livelihood,” WTHR, 4/6/18)

Missouri Corn, Soybean & Cattle Farmer Harry Thompson: “When We’re Exporting Nearly One-Third Of Our Soybeans To Foreign Countries And 60 Percent Of Those Are Going To China, [Tariffs Are] A Big Deal Here In Missouri.” (Margaret Austin, “Threatened Tariffs Could Take Toll On Missouri Farmers,” Missourian, 4/5/18)

Michigan Pig Farmer Ken Norton: “All His Moves In Trade Are Just Flying In The Face Of What’s Good For American Agriculture.  These Protectionist Moves Have The Potential To Do Real Harm.” (Jesse Newman, Jacob Bunge & Benjamin Parkin, “For U.S. Farmers, China Tariffs’ Timing Is Brutal,” The Wall Street Journal, 3/25/18)

Minnesota Hog Farmer Wanda Patsche: “I’m Very, Very Nervous.  Farming Itself, Without All The Political Things Mixed In There, Is Already A Very Volatile Market.” (Joshua Zumbrun, Jacob Bunge & Jesse Newman, “U.S. Pork Producers, Fruit Growers Brace For China Tariffs,” The Wall Street Journal, 4/2/18)

Minnesota Corn & Soybean Farmer Bill Gordon: “The Administration Needs To Understand That The Livelihoods Of 300,000 Soybean Farmers Are Important.  Not That The Livelihoods Of Steelworkers Aren’t.  But How Can We Justify Helping Steelworkers At The Expense Of So Many Farms?” (Caitlin Dewey, “They Voted For Donald Trump.  Now Soybean Farmers Could Get Slammed By The Trade War He Started,” The Washington Post, 4/5/18)

Illinois Pig & Corn Farmer Brian Duncan: “There Are Real People’s Lives At Stake In This Game Of Brinkmanship.” (Catherine Boudreau & Helena Bottemiller Evich, “Trade Retaliation Gets Real For Farmers,” Politico, 3/26/18)

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Jarous Valenec: “[Tariffs Are] Going To Hurt American Farmers, No Doubt About It.  We Were Already Looking At Depressed Prices For Corn And Soybeans Before This.  There’s No Sector That’s Showing Good Numbers.” (David Weigel, “Farmers Who Propelled Trump To Presidency Fear Becoming Pawns In Trade War,” The Washington Post, 4/8/18)