Farmers Continue Struggle Against Tariffs Despite Aid Package
Trade Dispute Threatens Decades Of Work, Resulting In Markets Lost “Forever”

(Source: Farm Policy)
Illinois Farmer Robert Klemm: “I Don’t Like The Tariffs, As Any Agricultural Producer Wouldn’t.  It’s Been Very Difficult On Our Economics … I’m Gravely Concerned.  It’s Not Going To Hurt Us.  It Is Hurting Us.  It Has And Will.” (Neil Steinberg, “Tariff-Stung Illinois Farmers Feel Pain But Keep The Faith: ‘It Is Hurting Us,’” Chicago Sun-Times, 7/29/18)

Illinois Farmer Ken Maschhoff: “It’s A Real Big Blow To Producers To Lose The Chinese Markets Because Of The Variety Meats.” (David Pan, “Chinese Tariffs Muck Up Markets For U.S. Pig Parts And Hog Farmers,” USA Today, 8/2/18)

Illinois Soybean Farmer Daryl Cates: “We Worked 30 Years To Have This Market With China.  Twenty-Five To 30 Percent Of Illinois Soybeans Are Exported To China.  If This Tariff Stays In Place, We Could Lose It Forever.” (Neil Steinberg, “Tariff-Stung Illinois Farmers Feel Pain But Keep The Faith: ‘It Is Hurting Us,’” Chicago Sun-Times, 7/29/18)

Iowa Farmer Ron Heck: “We’re All Upset.  We’re All Losing Money.  We’re Raising A Great Crop And Our Biggest Customer Comes Along And Says We Don’t Want To Buy It.” (Weijia Jiang, “Soybean Farmers Anxious, Even With $12 Billion In Aid, And EU Promises,” CBS News, 7/26/18)

Ohio Farmer Christopher Gibbs: “I Can Draw A Direct Line From When The President Started This Tariff Rhetoric In The Price Of My Soybeans … This Hurts.  This Is Hurting Our Long-Term Future.  This Is Hurting Me.  Whether It’s Transportation, Whether It’s Production, Whether It’s The Clerk At The Grocery Store, When Agriculture Gets Sick, Everybody Feels That Kind Of Pain.” (Leah Varjacques, “‘A Farmer On Trump’s Trade War: I Can’t ‘Take It,’” The New York Times, 8/2/18)

Iowa Soybean Association Communications Director: “Farmers Are Struggling.  Net Farm Income Is Down Almost 50 Percent Since 2013.  Every Market Is An Important One, Particularly China, Which Imports One Of Every Three Rows Of U.S. Soybeans.  Using Food In A Trade Dispute Is A Lose-Lose.  No One Wins In A Trade War.” (Weijia Jiang, “Soybean Farmers Anxious, Even with $12 Billion In Aid, And EU Promises,” CBS News, 7/26/18)

North Carolina Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler: “You Know, Farmers Face The Weather Every Day.  It’s Always Too Cold, Too Hot, Too Dry And Too Wet.  The Only Constant Thing For Farmers Is Uncertainty.  And When You Throw The Uncertainty Of The Markets Into The Mix, Especially During An Adjustment Period Like We’re Going Through Now, It Just Compounds Trying To Make Sound Business Decisions.” (Michael Abramowitz, “Agriculture Tariffs Sowing Discontent,” The Daily Reflector, 8/2/18)

U.S. Pecan Growers Association Vice President Brad Ellis: “The Price [Of Pecans] Has Gone Up In The Last 8-10 Years To A More Favorable Profit, And I’m Afraid It’s Going To Set Us Back A Few Years If It Gets Closer To Production Costs.” (Tasnim Shamma, “GA. Pecan Growers Brace For Lower Profits With Chinese Tariffs,” WABE, 8/1/18)

Farm Bureau Deputy Executive Director Dale Moore: “Our Members Are Telling Us Straight Up That ‘We Would Much Rather Have The Trade Restored, Have The Markets Back In Place, But We Don’t Have That Option.’” (Julia Manchester, “Farm Bureau: Farmers Want Trade Restored Instead Of Aid Package,” The Hill, 7/31/18)

Farmers Business Network Chief Economist Kevin McNew: “We’ve Had A $2-Per-Bushel Slide Since June.  If Prices Don’t Revert, Farmers Who Didn’t Sell Anything Before Will Face A Much Lower Soybean Price Than Ones Who Were Actively Selling Ahead.” (Caitlin Dewey, ““Soybean Farmers Are Surviving Trump’s Trade War – Even Without His $12 Billion Aid Package” The Washington Post, 7/30/18)

National Farmers Union Senior Vice President Rob Larew: “The Reality Is That Any Deal With Europe For Soybeans Would Make Up But A Sliver Of The Market Loss Happening In China, And It Would Not Have The Kind Of Positive Impact On Farm Prices That The Farm Sector Needs Right Now.” (Weijia Jiang, “Soybean Farmers Anxious, Even with $12 Billion In Aid, And EU Promises,” CBS News, 7/26/18)

Agricultural Consultant Randy Fairman: “If The Tariffs Hold, The Near-Term Impact Will Be Devastating To Small Businesses Both In The U.S. And The EU.  There Is No Place In The Supply Chain Where A 25 Percent Tariff Could Be Absorbed.” (Jesse Newman, “Kidney Beans Piled To The Rafters: Tariffs Are Biting In Farm Country,” The Wall Street Journal, 8/2/18)