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Iowa Agriculture Secretary & AFF Spokesperson Mike Naig: “Exactly The Kind Of Momentum That We Need To See”

Yesterday, Iowa Agriculture Secretary and Americans for Farmers and Families (AFF) spokesperson Mike Naig joined CNBC’s “Closing Bell” to discuss the new United States, Mexico and Canada trade agreement.

CNBC’S SARA EISEN: “So, based on what you know about this deal, how good is it, as the president says in terms of opening market access from Mexico and Canada for U.S. farmers?”

MIKE NAIG: “Well, when you look at the State of Iowa, for instance, Canada and Mexico are our number one and number two trading partners.  So, the ability to maintain that zero-tariff treatment across those borders and, in fact, expand our opportunities in dairy and poultry and eggs is good news.  It is the kind of good news that Iowa farmers have been needing given the downward trend in farm incomes and the downward pressure on our commodity and livestock prices over the last several months.  So, it is exactly the kind of momentum that we need to see.”

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