Economists Advocate For Preserving & Modernizing NAFTA
Experts: Serious Negative Consequences Result When Withdrawing From Agreement

Trump Campaign Senior Economic Adviser, CNBC Senior Contributor & White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow: “There’s A Potential Blow Up In The Stock Market If We Leave NAFTA.  We’re Talking Agriculture.  We’re Talking Car Parts.  We’re Talking Trucking, Transportation, Energy.” (Rob Williams, “Larry Kudlow: Trump Knows NAFTA Withdrawal Would Doom Stocks,” Newsmax, 1/16/18)

Former Trump Campaign Senior Economic Advisor Stephen Moore: “The Trade Deal Has Been A Stunning Economic Success For All Three Nations: Canada, Mexico, And The U.S.  Freer Trade Has Meant Steady Increases In The Volume Of Trade, Greater Competitiveness, And Lower Prices.  But Trump Is Right That Under NAFTA 2.0 Some Things Need To Be Fixed To Guarantee Fair Play And To Assure America’s Continued Commanding Heights In Technology And Innovation.” (Stephen Moore, “NAFTA 2.0 Must Stengthen Intellectual Property Rights,” Investor’s Business Daily, 10/16/17)

Stanford Hoover Institution Fellow George Schultz & Former Mexico Secretary Of Finance Pedro Aspe: “North America Is At A Crossroads, With Skepticism About The Virtues Of The North American Free Trade Agreement And The United States’ Relationship With Its Neighbors.  That Skepticism Disregards The Considerable Competitive Advantage The Agreement Has Given The United States And, In Turn, Transformed North America Into A Global Powerhouse.” (George P. Schultz & Pedro Aspe, “NAFTA Needs An Update, Not Repeal,” The New York Times, 10/15/17)

Cato Institute’s Simon Lester & Inu Manak: “Free Traders, Rather Than Cowering In Fear, Should Use The Renegotiation To Modernize NAFTA And Try To Extend The Liberalization Process It Began 23 Years Ago.  In Doing So, We Must Keep In Mind That NAFTA Has Brought Great Benefits To All Three Countries – The United States, Mexico And Canada – And These Achievements Should Not Be Rolled Back.” (Simon Lester & Inu Manak, “A Newer NAFTA,” U.S. News & World Report, 8/16/17)

Peterson Institute For International Economics: “In One Of His First Acts After Taking Office, President Trump Called For A Renegotiation Of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) With Canada And Mexico, Which Took Effect January 1, 1994.  In The Years Since That Date, The Accord Has Yielded Great Benefits To The United States As Well As Its Trading Partners.” (“North American Free Trade Agreement,” Peterson Institute For International Economics, Accessed 3/8/17)