Dairy Industry Advocates For NAFTA’s Preservation & Modernization
NAFTA Partner Countries Are Major Markets For U.S. Dairy

International Trade Through NAFTA Bolsters U.S. Dairy Industry:

More Than 70 Percent Of Mexico’s Dairy Imports, Or $1.2 Billion, Currently Come From The United States. (Deena Shanker, “America’s $1.2 Billion Mexico Milk Trade Is Now At Risk,” Bloomberg, 4/26/17)

Mexico Is The Number One Market For U.S. Dairy Exports, Accounting For Approximately 25 Percent Of All U.S. Dairy Exports. (“Study: U.S.-Mexico Dairy Trade Generates Billions In Economic Activity,” National Milk Producers Federation & U.S. Dairy Export Council, 3/5/18)

Dairy Industry Leaders Have Praised NAFTA’s Positive Impacts On Their Industry:

Joint Comments By The U.S. Dairy Export Council & National Milk Producers Federation To U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer: “Improvements To NAFTA That Prioritize Our Positive Trade Relationship With Mexico And Address Canada’s Flouting Of Its Trade Commitments To Us Can Be Achieved And Are Worth Pursuing.  This Is An Essential Agreement That The United States Dairy Industry, And In Fact The Broader Economy, Cannot Do Without.  It Is Because NAFTA Is So Important That This Modernization Effort Is So Valuable.” (National Milk Producers Federation, “Dairy Groups Pledge To Work With Trump Administration On NAFTA Modernization,” Press Release, 6/12/17)

National Milk Producers Federation President & CEO Jim Mulhern: “The Relationship Between The Dairy Sectors Of The United States, Mexico And Canada Is Of Such Great Importance To All Of Our Nations That We Need To Devote The Time And Effort To Make It Better.  A Modernized NAFTA Agreement Must Preserve The Strategically Valuable Trade Relationship With Mexico, And Remove Remaining Barriers To Trade With Canada That Were Not Adequately Addressed In The Original Agreement.” (National Milk Producers Federation, “NMPF Advocates For U.S. Dairy Priorities In Upcoming NAFTA Talks,” Press Release, Accessed 2/28/18)

U.S. Dairy Export Council President & CEO Tom Vilsack: “We Want To Reemphasize The Fact That Mexico Is A Valued Customer For Dairy.  Obviously, Any Agreement That’s Been Around For Awhile Has Areas Where There Can Be Improvements, But We Want To Make Sure They Understand, From Our Perspective, That Preserving NAFTA Is Important.” (Doug Palmer, “U.S. Dairy Officials Head South On Mexico Trade Rescue Mission,” Politico, 3/15/17)

  • Vilsack: “Virtually Every U.S. Free Trade Agreement To Date Has Yielded Positive Results For Dairy, And Current Negotiations Hold Great Potential For The Industry.” (“U.S.-Mexico Dairy Trade Generates Billions In Economic Activity, According To New Analysis,” S. Dairy Export Council, 2/27/18)

U.S. Dairy Export Council Economic Study: “U.S. Dairy Products Play [An Important Role] As An Economic Value For Rural America As Well As A Complementary Supplier Of Dairy Products Within The Total Demand By The Mexican Consumer.” (“The Importance Of NAFTA On U.S. Dairy Exports To Mexico,” Informa Economics For U.S. Dairy Export Council, 2/27/18)

The International Dairy Foods Association: “The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Is One Of Trade’s Greatest Success Stories For Food And Agriculture.  The Trilateral Agreement Between The United States, Canada And Mexico Removed Many Tariff And Non-Tariff Barriers That Paved The Way For U.S. Agricultural Exports To Our Two Partners To Quadruple From $11 Billion In 1993 To Over $43 Billion In 2016.” (“North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA),” International Dairy Foods Association, Accessed 3/8/18)

American Dairy Coalition CEO Laurie Fischer: “NAFTA Is Vital To Wisconsin’s Economy, Which Is Why It Is Critical For President Donald Trump To Work On Modernizing The Agreement To Help Strengthen Our Agriculture Industry – Not Withdraw, Which Would Have Immediate Damaging Effects To Our Farmers.” (Laurie Fischer, “Fischer: Wisconsin Economy Relies On NAFTA,” Post Crescent, 2/10/18)