Businesses Reiterate Support For Preserving & Modernizing NAFTA
Leaders & Executives Stress NAFTA’s Importance To Their Respective Industries

Letter From 32 American CEOs To President Trump: “We Encourage The Administration To Proceed Quickly And Trilaterally.  Uncertainty About The Future Of America’s Terms Of Trade With Canada And Mexico Would Suppress Economic Growth And May Cause Political Reactions That Undermine U.S. Exporters.” (William Mauldin, “CEOs Urge Donald Trump To Limit Scope Of NAFTA Changes To An ‘Update,’” The Wall Street Journal, 5/26/17)

Cargill CEO David MacLennan: “I Don’t Believe … I Hope [NAFTA Withdrawal Is] Not Where We’re Going.” (Kelsey Johnson, “Cargill CEO Thinks NAFTA Can Survive Trump – Fingers Crossed,” iPolitics, 1/24/18)

  • MacLennan: “Where Is Trade Going? … I Agree We Want It To Be More Fair, But At Its Core, Organizations Like The WTO And Agreements Like NAFTA Have Worked.” (Kelsey Johnson, “Cargill CEO Thinks NAFTA Can Survive Trump – Fingers Crossed,” iPolitics, 1/24/18)

Kansas City Southern Chief Executive Officer Pat Ottensmeyer: “You Won’t Talk To A Single Farmer Who Is Against NAFTA.” (Eric M. Johnson, “Major U.S. Railroads Warn Trump Against Derailing NAFTA,” Reuters, 1/17/18)

Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz: “I Think That The Impact Of The U.S. Pulling Out Of NAFTA Would Be Disastrous.” (Nick Carey, “Union Pacific CEO: NAFTA Withdrawal Impact Would Be ‘Disastrous,’” Reuters, 10/26/17)

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue: “To Pull Out Of NAFTA Would Be An Absolute Destruction To The Advances We’ve Made On The Economy And Economic Growth.  We Can’t Do That.  We Can Improve It.  We Can Change It.  But We Can’t Get Out Of It.  We Can’t Destroy It.” (Kellie Ell, “Chamber Of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue Says Pulling Out Of NAFTA Would Mean ‘Absolute Destruction’ For The Economy,” CNBC, 1/10/18)

Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten: “We Urge The Administration To Take Into Account The Potential Damage Of Withdrawing From NAFTA, And To Focus Instead On Modernizing The Agreement So That It Remains A Cornerstone Of American Prosperity.” (Business Roundtable, “New Study: Withdrawal From NAFTA Would Jeopardize American Jobs And Hurt U.S. Economy,” Business Roundtable, 1/23/18)

Toyota North American CEO Jim Lentz: “We Export 136,000 Vehicles [Annually] To Almost 40 Countries Around The World.  We Can Only Do That And Be Competitive With NAFTA.” (Sonari Glinton, “Automakers Say Trump’s Anti-NAFTA Push Could Upend Their Industry,” NPR, 2/26/18)

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne: Dismantling NAFTA Would Have “Monumental Consequences To The Industry Overall” And “There Are Repercussions That Go Well Beyond FCA.” (Brent Snavely, “Marchionne: Ending NAFTA Could Have ‘Monumental Consequences,’” Detroit Free Press, 1/26/17)

American Petroleum Institute President & CEO Jack Gerard: “Modernizing NAFTA Is A Complex Challenge.  But The Facts Are Pretty Straightforward When It Comes To Energy.  As Negotiators Work Toward Agreement, Maintaining Policies That Help Keep Energy Affordable And Secure For U.S. Consumers Will Ensure A Revamped NAFTA Is On The Right Track.” (Jack N. Gerard, “Yes, North North American Energy Trade Boosts Our Security,”, 2/22/18)