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July 24, 2018

Americans For Farmers & Families Statement Responding To Proposal To Provide Farmers With Aid To Offset Tariff Losses
Guernsey: Farmers Need Trade Not Aid

(Washington, D.C.) – Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) today released the following statement from Casey Guernsey, a former Missouri state legislator and spokesman for AFF’s “Retaliation Hurts Rural Families” initiative, following news reports that the Trump Administration would propose providing farmers with financial assistance to offset losses caused by ongoing trade disputes.

“Farmers and families across the heartland have been struggling to keep their heads above water as trade tensions continue to increase and retaliatory tariffs are levied against their products.

“Ninety-five percent of the world’s population is outside of the United States and farmers rely on their ability to export goods to these critical markets in order to make a living for their families.  Rather than accepting retaliatory tariffs and seeking to offset them with federal assistance, America’s producers believe the administration should look toward solutions that will enable them to export their homegrown goods to critical markets around the globe.

“My family got into farming to sell beef, not to accept government assistance.  While we need to hold our trading partners to account and ensure fair deals are reached, our government must also pursue long-term and sustainable solutions.

“As President Trump travels the heartland today, I urge him to listen to America’s rural families and take immediate steps to resolve these trade disputes and find a middle ground that does not punish the agricultural sector.”


“Trump To Offer Farmers $12B In Trade Aid”:

“The Trump administration is planning to ease fears of a trade war by announcing Tuesday about $12 billion in aid to farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs, according to three sources familiar with the plan.” (Catherine Boudreau, Adam Behsudi, Helena Bottemiller Evich & Megan Cassella, “Trump To Offer Farmers $12B In Trade Aid,” Politico, 7/24/18)