For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin Lawlor

May 29, 2018

Americans For Farmers & Families Statement On The U.S. Moving Forward With Tariffs On Chinese Imports

(Washington, D.C.) – Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) today released the following statement from Casey Guernsey, former Missouri state legislator and spokesman for AFF’s “Retaliation Hurts Rural Families” initiative, following the President’s decision to move forward with his proposal to impose tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports:

“When these tariffs were proposed earlier this year, China made clear it would fight back.  China’s decision to levy tariffs on U.S. agriculture products in response to the tariffs on steel and aluminum was a precursor to what we can expect from today’s announcement: more retaliation.

“China has become one of the largest customers for America’s farm products, buying around $20 billion per year.  Not only will retaliation jeopardize farmers’ ability to sell their homegrown goods to a major market, it will devastate jobs critical to rural communities.  According to a recent study by the Trade Partnership, hundreds of thousands of America’s food and agriculture workers could lose their jobs as a result of these tariffs.

“This puts an enormous strain on rural Americans who have already been struggling to make ends meet as farm income continues to decline year after year.

“No one wins in a trade war, and because we depend so heavily on access to critical markets around the world, rural Americans are clear losers.  Now more than ever, our farmers and families need the certainty that comes with lasting trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement that help ensure there will be enough customers eager to buy the crops we are planting and the livestock we are raising.”