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October 1, 2018


Americans For Farmers & Families Statement On New U.S. Trade Agreement With Mexico And Canada
Guernsey: Farmers Desperately Needed A Win & Today The Trump Administration Delivered It

(Washington, D.C.) – Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) today released the following statement from Casey Guernsey, a seventh-generation farmer, former Missouri state legislator and spokesman for AFF’s “Retaliation Hurts Rural Families” initiative, after the Trump Administration announced it would be moving forward with a new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“In 2016, farmers like me supported Candidate Trump in part because of his promise to stand up for rural America and ensure our voices were heard. Today’s announcement shows that President Trump has not forgotten about his promise. Following the US-Mexico deal, farmers urged for continued progress, it’s clear that the administration took our appeal to heart.

“The significance of reaching an agreement with both Mexico and Canada cannot be overstated. Since its implementation in 1994, our trade deal with the two countries, the North American Free Trade Agreement, has brought unprecedented economic success to the United States – not only through strong job growth, higher wages and low consumer prices, but also by allowing America’s food and agricultural industry to thrive. In 2017 alone, the industry supported 43 million jobs and exported more than $44 billion worth of goods to Mexico and Canada.

“Whether you breed cattle in Missouri like my family, raise hogs in North Carolina, grow corn in Iowa or simply shop at a local grocery store in New York, this announcement means that we will soon have the certainty we need to continue feeding our own and families around the world.

“After years of declining income and months of trade uncertainty, farmers desperately needed a win, and today the Trump Administration delivered it. While eager to learn the details, I hope that Congress will use this positive momentum to bring this important agreement over the finish line.”