For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin Lawlor

May 15, 2018

Americans For Farmers & Families Releases Statement Ahead Of USTR Hearing On Section 301 Tariffs

(Washington, D.C.) – Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) today released the following statement from coalition spokesperson and Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig ahead of the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) hearing on the impact of the administration’s proposed $50 billion tariffs on Chinese imports:

“Agriculture should not be a bargaining chip in trade negotiations.  As the Office of the United States Trade Representative listens to different industries on the effects of the administration’s 301 trade policies, we urge them to strongly consider the damaging consequences these potential tariffs will have on all Americans, especially on farmers like those in my home state who depend on market access to sell their crops and livestock, grow their farms and create jobs in their communities.

“The mere threat of these tariffs has already taken a dramatic toll on job creators, many of whom have cut back on hiring workers and making future investments that have been critical to the food and agriculture industries, and our growing economy.  Moving forward with these tariffs and waging a full-on trade war would make matters exponentially worse for families in states like Iowa.  We need trade policies that support our farmers, provide jobs here at home, and strengthen our local communities and our nation’s economy.  If the retaliation from the steel and aluminum tariffs – aimed specifically at rural Americans –  have taught us anything, it’s that more tariffs are not the answer.”