Agriculture Community Remains Anxious Over Retaliatory Tariffs
Potential Trade War Could Leave Farmers & Ordinary Americans As Direct Casualties

(Source: CNBC, KELO)

Outlets Across The Country Have Raised The Prospect Of Retaliatory Tariffs Hitting Farmers Hardest:

“Mexico And Canada Add To Nations Striking Fear In U.S. Farmers,” The Wall Street Journal, 6/6/18

“Iowa Farmers Are Uneasy With Trade Wars As Export Tariff Threats Mount,” NBC News, 6/4/18

“These U.S. Industries Could Feel The Bite Of A Trade War,” CBS News, 6/4/18

“Midwest Farmers Fret About Tariff Talks, Especially Soybeans,” KELO, 6/4/18

“Low Prices, Trade Disputes Sow Fears Of ‘80s-Style Farm Crisis,” Des Moines Register, 6/4/18

“American Farmers Worry They’ll Pay The Price Of Trade War,” The Guardian, 6/3/18

“From Distillers To Farmers, Trade War Would Cause Casualties,” The Associated Press, 6/2/18

“Tariff Fight Could Hurt The Red States That Support Him,” CNN, 6/1/18

“Dairy Farmers Are Struggling As They Are Squeezed Out Of A Changing Milk Market,” CNBC, 6/1/18

“Trade War: Mexico Pork Tariff Threats Push Iowa Losses To $560 Million,” Des Moines Register, 6/1/18

“What The Latest Round Of Pork Tariffs Could Do To Your Iowa Grocery Bill,” Des Moines Register, 6/1/18