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AFF Spokesperson Casey Guernsey: “You Just Can’t Put A Dollar Figure Value” On Certainty

Yesterday, Americans for Farmers & Families spokesperson and seventh-generation farmer Casey Guernsey joined Fox Business to discuss the new United States, Mexico and Canada Trade Agreement.

FOX BUSINESS’ NEIL CAVUTO: “Americans for Farmers and Families spokesman Casey Guernsey.  Casey, what do you make of what [USMCA] is going to do for farmers, particularly those dairy farmers and other ones who were worried?”

CASEY GUERNSEY: “Yeah, I mean this couldn’t have come at a better time.  We need the certainty in our business to be able to plan for the next year.  And this is exactly what we’ve gotten.  We, you know, have enjoyed free trade with our top two trading partners for years, and we need that to continue especially now with the markets the way they are.  And now, with a certain degree of certainty for farmers, we’ll be able to plan for the future, and you just can’t put a dollar figure value on that, so we applaud the President.”

CAVUTO: “It doesn’t address some of the China concerns, that’s a separate issue, but at least on the Canadian front and less so on the Mexico front, this is a win?”

GUERNSEY: “Oh, absolutely, this is what we’ve advocated for in partnership with the administration for the better part of this whole year, is to finalize an agreement with both countries because we know that the effect of that trade partnership has been so positive over the past 25 years that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that we have that trade partnership until we felt like we could possibly lose part of it.  And that uncertainty causes significant problems for farmers.  We saw some of our customers selling off their breeding stock and a large part of that was due to the uncertainty that was kind of up in the air about these trading agreements.”

CAVUTO: “You know, a lot of your guys stay very loyal to the president through all of this, even though a lot of them are losing money, so I can imagine the relief.  But they wouldn’t want this to drag out with China, so if China just drags and drags and drags, what do you think?”

GUERNSEY: “Well, I think it’s clear that our president does have farmers’ best interests in mind.  And I think he’s demonstrated that, more so, I believe than any other president since I’ve been alive.  You know, I’m 37 years old.  And it seems like he is serious about getting the best deal for farmers, and we’ve seen that he’s stuck to it.”

To access the video, which aired on Fox Business’ Cavuto Coast To Coast, click here.